iPhone 15: Apple preparing to release earbuds with USB-C?

Apple is already making accessories for its next iPhone 15, including EarPods, which will have a USB-C port.

While the iPhone 15’s design is starting to tip its nose, Apple is also making accessories. Among them, the earbuds are equipped with a USB-C port. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The iPhone 15 finally reveals its specs

For weeks, internet users have been trying To understand the innovations surrounding iPhone 15. In fact, the pictures were leaked on social networks. So Apple fans are already analyzing.

Among them, The camera has changed again. But that is not the greatest information about it. In fact, the iPhone 15 will be the first phone owned by Apple A USB-C port.

In fact, the American brand already uses this system for their MacBooks. But the high-tech company must comply with European laws. So a change would be important.

Apple’s new smartphone, for example, will have other innovations thin borders. In fact, the iPhone 15 may drop its wide, square contours, just like the first devices. The latter, therefore, takes a step back.

As for the SIM card, rumors speak System without physical card. Yes, in some photos, fans can see that the iPhone 15 will not have a card button. But it needs to be confirmed. This physical card system is already present in the latest models in the US.

But lately rumors have been doing the rounds Smartphone accessories. The latter can be connected to headphones with a USB-C output. MCE TV tells you more!

Apple helps to sow doubt

Although fans are trying to get a little clue, Apple has not released anything officially.. But the American company is sowing doubt. In fact, a new companion has been leaked.

These are earbuds. Nothing special, but a small detail that caught the interest of Apple fans. Yes, these headphones have a USB-C port. So this could confirm the rumors of this new system on the iPhone 15.

As a reminder, Apple’s wired headphones always sell out Jack ports and Lightning ports. The American brand only has USB-C adapters. So this could be a clear sign.

Until then we must be cautious iPhone 15 launch in September, there is really no doubt that this new smartphone will switch to USB-C. It remains to be seen whether other innovations will be confirmed.

Among them, there is this 3rd action button Replace the popular zipper For silent mode. Or Autonomy Longer than the smartphone’s predecessors. Of course, it’s still an iPhone and you’ll need to charge it often.

All these questions will be answered next September with the launch of the brand new iPhone 15.

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