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Ironically, Dave Roberts’ Dodgers are a mirror image of the brave Bobby Cox

The World Series Goes Exclusively to All of Central America by ESPN Signals

Los Angeles Dodgers They’ve been wiped out again in postseason. After winning their first championship in 32 years during the 2020 campaign, the team was one of the big favorites to win the Cup World Championship, especially after winning 106 games in the regular stage, which is the second best record MLB in 2021.

Taking into account the championship last year and the years 2017 and 2018 where Dodgers Came to me World ChampionshipThe team reached the playoffs in nine consecutive seasons, and it is clear that they were disqualified before.”fall classicSix times over. Along the way, they’ve won the division flag eight times, demonstrating the kind of dominance they have over the Western NL division.

In the middle of a historical moment, the leader Dave Roberts, who despite the criticism (deserved or not), led Dodgers To the postseason in each of his years against the team. However, despite the manager and team’s usual success in the season, it did not turn out to be championships, ironically resembling the 90s for the team that just eliminated them, Atlanta Braves.

90’s for brave from the leader Bobby Cox It was a full domain for National League. The manager returned to the team after managing it during the late 1970s and early 1980s and after a five-year absence from a leadership position.

Cox She entered 1990 to replace the leader Ross Nixon Under him, they finished with a record of 40 wins and 57 losses that year. From there, they won their division in three consecutive years, before the 1994 strike. Later they won it in a row from 1995 to 2006, earning a pennant National League On five occasions in this section.

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All those good results ended in one championship World Championship, which arrived in 1995, despite how dominant the team was during that time, is very similar to the experience he lived Dodgers In the past decade, especially while driving Roberts.

like them braveThe Dodgers have all the material and veteran to continue to travel beyond the season and even win the World Championship, but so far, in 2021, they are the living reflection of this talented team led by legendary Bobby Cox.

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