Italian media condemned the French government’s “double game”.

Italian media on Sunday condemned the “double game” of the French government, Interior Minister Gerald Dorman’s “Rome’s inability to manage immigration”, sparking a new diplomatic crisis between the two neighbours.

Attacks on Italy continue from the French government and Emmanuel Macron’s “La Renaissance” party, despite attempts by Quai d’Orsay to reconcile with Rome, Italian daily “Le Segolo d’Italia” reported.

According to him, the footsteps of the French Foreign Ministry “doesn’t do any good if other ministers continue to attack Rome and, probably, focus on their internal problems”. Mr. Tharman’s “unacceptable” comments were joined by “inappropriate” statements from the transport and energy transition ministers, respectively, Clement Beun and Agnes Pannier-Runacher, report in the paper.

According to the media, Mr. Peon told Radio Europe 1 that “in Italy (…) the extreme right makes a lot of promises but solves very few problems”, while Ms. Panneer-Runacher defended the minister’s “offensive” comments on the interior, stressing that “the problem is complex” and that “those who promise miracles are peddlers”.

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For his part, Stéphane Sejournay, general secretary of Revival, the newspaper quoted him as saying, “the dose increased”. According to him, Dorman’s “condemnation of the impotence and impotence of the European far-right is right”.

“Such reports only show the political short-sightedness of its authors”, Le Secolo d’Italia, pointing out “the nervousness of the representatives of the French president’s party in the worst situation”.

For its part, the newspaper “Il Giornale” pointed out that “the haste of the French government, that the Quai d’Orsay limited itself to a wave of clarification, was not accidental”, Paris did not blame. Being able to manage the flow of emigrants from the Channel, it decided to focus its communication on Italy, which was enough to sway public opinion.

“Ministers are apologizing, others are attacking, and in the middle is a government spokesperson trying to throw water on the fire, but not sprinkle ashes on his head,” writes journalist news site Nicola Boro. “The Macron government is in trouble and looking for enemies to blame,” he concludes.

The head of Italian diplomacy, Antonio Tajani, said on Friday that the explanations coming from Paris were “not enough”. “It’s an unnecessary and bad insult” and “when someone hurts another person needlessly, at least they should apologize,” Antonio Tajani said in an interview with the daily Il Corriere della Sera.

The Italian MAE canceled its first trip on Thursday evening, to meet its counterpart Catherine Colonna, after Gerald Dorman’s statements at the RMC accused Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni of “not being able to solve the migrant problems she was elected to”. ”.

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