It’s official and it comes with another little surprise

“PS5 Portable”, as gamers like to call it, is a reality and Sony finally showed it. Here’s what it looks like and it comes with a little surprise.

It’s a rumor that’s getting more and more persuasive. Tom Henderson (Insider Gaming) revealed that many gamers are already calling the PS5 portable. The device is not a console, but a sort of intercom capable of streaming PS5 games at 60 fps. Because of the incessant hallway noise, Sony has decided to confirm the existence of Project Q.

PS5 portable is a reality

It’s official, making headlines as the PS5 portable, codenamed Project Q. The new device takes the form of a DualSense controller with an integrated LCD screen at its core. It won’t be a console as it relies entirely on the PlayStation 5’s Remote Play feature, a cloud-based feature. ” Innovation is our passion, and this applies not only to our games, but also to the way you play. Later this year we will introduce a device capable of streaming any PS5 game over Wi-Fi “, simply explains, Jim Ryan.

Sony has been content to reveal its design, but hasn’t provided more details. The PlayStation boss promises to provide more information later this year. If the rumors turn out to be true, we might already have some details about him.

So a “PS5 Portable” would require a permanent internet connection and would have to hold the base console and at least leave it in rest mode constantly. The hybrid device is said to be able to play PlayStation 5 games at 1080p and up to 60 fps. For the rest, it is confirmed that the device will have an 8-inch LCD touchscreen and the controller itself will have all the features of DualSense. Understand haptic feedback and adaptive stimuli. It wasn’t the only accessory announced at the PlayStation Showcase. Again the insider spilled the beans, but the PS5 will come with portable wireless headphones that will complete the experience. Again, no information, this time we’ll have to settle for a preview of their design.

ps5 headphones

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