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Judge Anthony Cuevas orders the arrest of LUMA Energy chief in contempt

supreme judge Anthony CuevasToday, Wednesday, the San Juan District Court ordered the arrest of the president and chief executive of the republic Loma EnergyAnd Wayne Stinsby, for civil contempt.

In your request – two pages and from them new day Get a Transcript – The judge alluded to the fact that the consortium failed to deliver the documents required by the court in the lawsuit brought by the Commission on Economic Development, Planning, Communications, Public-Private Partnerships and Energy in Parliamentheaded by the representative Luis Raul Torres. Torres has been investigating the management of LUMA since taking control of the power grid on June 1.

new day He sought a response from LUMA, but there was no response at this time. gloria one, director of media relations for the consortium, said she learned of Judge Cuevas’ decision when contacted by this newspaper. Soltero claimed not to know if Stensby was in Puerto Rico.

Yesterday, at 5:00 p.m., LUMA was due to receive nine requests for information commissioned by Judge Cuevas, but the consortium submitted seven requests – for which it was requested confidential treatment. For the remaining two orders, he requested additional time – until today, Wednesday at 5:00 pm – for their delivery.

Judge Cuevas announced today that LUMA’s urgent motion for additional time has not been accepted.

“It should be abundantly clear that the defendant was given significantly more time than the five hours granted in our decision. Since last March 15 and 23, the date on which the requirements were notified, LUMA has knowledge of the requested information, which should have been to disclose it and hand it over to the commission,” Judge Cuevas also established in his order.

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“After completing the extensive procedural procedures to which this matter was submitted, LUMA has had sufficient additional time to separate and present the said information without further delay. It is not correct to suggest that, by only giving the court 5 hours, you cannot comply. Reducing the time to a mere 5 hours is completely against the truth of the facts“, he added.

In connection with Stensby’s arrest, Judge Cuevas determined that the Executive “He will remain in prison until he fully complies with the specific requirements In the decision and order issued yesterday afternoon.” The Marshal’s office should proceed with the completion of the arrest warrant and entry “without any delay.”

The two conditions that LUMA failed to comply with, as per Judge Cuevas’ order, were to submit all invoices, schedules and supporting documents generated by its employees, consultants and contractors during the transition process with Electric Power Authorityand to provide communications – such as letters, emails, text messages, etc. – between Stensby and any government official associated with the Federation Contract.

Yesterday, Tuesday, in an interview with new dayRepresentative Torres noted that at the end of 5 p.m., Loma sent him a letter through his attorney “saying that he will turn over the documents under the cloak of secrecy.” “On examining the letter, we found that much of what the judge ordered to be handed over is missing.”, according.

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