Junior Aho and Wilfried Bene, two French hopes for the NFL?

Glendale (AZ) this Sunday Super Bowl LVII Philadelphia stopped the Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs. Audiences around the world look forward to the halftime commercials and singer Rihanna’s performance, while others like Junior Aho and Wilfried Bene would scan the field carefully, thinking their turn might come soon.

Teammates in the French National Team the youngest

The two Frenchmen have a lot in common. They both practiced combat sports in their childhood and later before discovering American football, Junior Aho was 15 years old and Wilfried Penn was 14 years old respectively. ” A friend played in an American football club The Red Eagles of Nice. I was mesmerized by the team spirit and game that required a combination of physicality, technique and many tactics. Junior Aho, 23, explains. ” I started with Club Des in Tours Predecessors of Touraine. I progressed so quickly that my coaches advised me to consolidate French Center In Amiens in 2016, it trains the country’s best hopes”, says Wilfred Bene, who turned 22 in December.

Before joining the Junior Aho Club, he spent only a few weeks at a private faith center in Montpellier. Marseille Blue Stars, There he signed in 2017 at the age of 17. A springboard was also selected for the French junior team where he met Wilfried Ben. ” Wilfried, he is my firm boy. In 2017 we were vice-champions of Europe together”. Says the 1.91m finisher at 120kg. In 2018 I was promoted to the senior French team where we won the European Cup.

JUCO is an American college scholarship

A lifetime’s hope in American football apparently runs through America. But before integrating a university, it is already necessary to place it at the school level. ” I landed in January 2019 Military Institute of New Mexico In Roswell. I didn’t speak a word of English and it was very difficult at first, Junior reminds Aho. I redoubled my efforts to graduate in three semesters and that opened the door Southern Methodist University of Dallas (SMU), which plays in Division 1 (Best National Level) “. JUCOs, for short Junior Colleges, institutions that are less expensive and more accessible than traditional American universities. They allow underprivileged or academically challenged youths to develop for a year or two before joining a more prestigious institution.

Division 2 French champion Amiens Spartans In 2018, Wilfried Bene chose to enroll in America from high school. “I still wanted to play at a higher level, so I joined St. Thomas Moore “In Connecticut, my last two years of high school.” Young Touraine, who measures 1.91m at 132kg, explains. I was lucky enough to be able to play football and return to wrestling because the two seasons didn’t overlap. I finished among the top nationals in the heavyweight division”. Wilfried Bane’s physical exploits finally catch the eye of the prestigious university Virginia Tech (Section 1), which grants him a scholarship in 2020.

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Junior Aho on the international track

Joining a college football team is just the beginning of the hurdle between injuries and the ever-present competition in personnel. ” I played a lot in my first year before switching positions in my third season and then not. Comments Junior Aho, who graduated (senior year), and established himself as a starter on the defensive line (Defensive line), formed between stages Defensive fighting And Defensive end. “I did well enough to be selected as one of the NFL’s top 12 international prospects. I combinedInternational Player Pathway Program January 19 is a ten-week training camp that prepares us to join a professional team.

Ideally, only four or five players will be selected to make NFL practice squads at the end of the program, where they will have to prove again that they can make the first team. “I am confident because I am very experienced in the project. I am starting to touch my dream with my finger, Junior trusts Aho.

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Wilfred Pene in the draft in 2024?

Wilfried Bene has just finished his second season at Virginia Tech (sophomore), where he was designated as an offensive lineman (At tight end), before transferring several wounded to posts in the defensive line Defensive end And Defensive fighting. ” I earned my spot today at safety and the coaches are telling me if I keep that up I have a chance to get drafted next year.” explains the 22-year-old Frenchman. “But I don’t want to go there. My goal is to get a good draft pick, even if I wait until 2025. He adds.

The junior Aho also has a chance to be selected for this year’s draft, which will be held April 27-29 in Kansas City. This should mark the spirits in early March Broe days, Days of physical and technical tests organized by NFL owners. “It leaves me many opportunities and real opportunities, because my athletic performance is high”, Nicois explains. Joining the biggest sports league in the world would be a feat for our two French players, as no tricolor currently plays in the NFL, the last time Richard Tarditz tasted it was in 1992 with the New-England Patriots.

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