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Kanye West may be denied access to Australian soil due to his anti-Semitic remarks

While rapper Kanye West is said to be considering visiting Australia, he may not be granted a visa due to his anti-Semitic remarks, according to Australia’s education minister.

Unwanted person. The many anti-Semitic comments made by Kanye West in recent months could ban the rapper, also known as Ye, from entering Australian soil. This was stated by Education Minister Jason Clare on Wednesday in an interview with Australian media Channel Nine, reported by Reuters. “People like this who have applied for visas to enter Australia in the past, have been denied,” he said, describing the artist’s comments as “appalling”.

After the multiplicity of anti-Semitic messages last October on the networks, the rapper repeated in December by sharing his admiration for Hitler and the Nazis on the set of the “Infowars” program.

But while the artist plans to travel to Australia to meet the family of his new companion Bianca Sensori, the government could take the decision to refuse his visa.

Prohibition advocated by many personalities

As former Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, now Leader of the Opposition, stated in 3AW, “a minister has the power to stop someone from entering our country with bad morals”. He strongly denounced the artist’s words and behavior, which he considered “shameful” and “appalling”, and made it clear that “his inclination would not allow him to enter,” stressing that Kanye West was “not a person of good character.”

Peter Wertheim, co-director general of the Australian Jewish Community Executive Council, also called for the access block, to government officials on Tuesday.

Kanye West wouldn’t be the first to be denied a visa for not meeting the standards of good character. Several far-right figures have already been banned from Australian soil, such as British conspirator David Icke in 2019 and founder of the far-right Proud Boys group Gavon McInnes in 2018.

At the moment, Kanye West has not reacted.

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