Leader of the Islamic Party, Rashet Khannouchi, was arrested

Rached Ghannouchi, the head of the Tunisian Islamist party “Ennahda”, was arrested Monday evening at his home on charges of “provocative statements”. His house was raided.

The arrest of the leader of the Islamic Party, a controversial figure in the Tunisian political landscape, was made at the initiative of the Tunisian Ministry of Interior.

“The security brigade raided the house of Ennahda’s leader and seized everything related to the investigation,” the official Tunisian news agency TAP quoted him as saying.

Kannucci, who was arrested under the Judicial Center for Combating Terrorism at the behest of the public prosecutor, will be under investigation in a case related to inciting statements, he continued.

In a press release, the Ennahdha movement announced on Monday that it had raided the home of the movement’s leader, Rached Ghannouchi, after whom he had been taken to an “unknown location”.

The movement condemned the arrest of its leader, demanded his immediate release and called for an end to the crackdown on political activists and protesters.

Mr. Presided over the Parliament which was dissolved by President Sai. Ghannouchi has already been investigated by judicial authorities on several occasions for several cases, including sending jihadists to Syria and Iraq.

Tunisia has recently experienced a series of arrests of politicians, opposition figures, civil society activists, media officials and trade unionists, prompting a wave of anger from many NGOs working to protect human rights.

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