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LeBron James knocks out two Indiana Pacers fans in Los Angeles Lakers win


In the last bit of extra time, the irrigation He complained to the rulers who ordered the departure of a man and a woman, the reason being unknown.

LeBron James urges Indiana Pacers fans to leave
© Andy Lyons / Getty ImagesLeBron James urges Indiana Pacers fans to leave

When returning to National Basketball Association (NBA) After completing the star suspension match LeBron James He gave his best performance of the 2021-2022 season to give the win in overtime to Los Angeles Lakers before 124-116 before Indiana Pacers.

without attendance Anthony DavisAbsent due to fever irrigation He took command of the team on the field, playing a total of 43 minutes, and He does his best in individual productions, scoring 39 points, five rebounds, and six assists, including two basic procedures in over time.

But in the extra time where, as if that wasn’t enough, LeBron was involved in an incident with Pacers fans, so much so that it paralyzed the game until they were removed from Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, in a fact that has no explanation as yet.

LeBron kicks Pacers fans off the field

Just over two and a half minutes left to finish the extra time, with advantage lakes By 117-114, when the Akron-born took one of the governors by the arm to lead him to the front row, Where a man and a woman were targeted by annoys him during the game.

Faced with the accusation of LeBron, who is not yet known what they actually did, the judges called the security personnel in the building They pushed Pacers fans out of their seats, who, before leaving, made gestures to call James as “baby crying”.

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