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Logan Paul reviews Pokemon cards. I paid 3.5 million dollars and it would be false

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Logan Paul Apparently he has fallen victim to a millionaire fraud, having obtained collectible cards from Pokemon Wrong, according to experts on the subject.

What did Logan Paul do?

YouTuber, who fought against boxer Floyd Mayweather, bought a group of Pokémon franchise, and paid $3.5 million.

They gave him a locked box of first generation messages, but according to experts, they are not legit.

Pokemon collectors to the rescue

A community of collectors, Pokémon TGC, has collected evidence from research published on PokeBeach.

eBay seller changed name (number1pokemonmaster), just before the auction started, which created uncertainty and prompted the investigation; Moreover, it is not uncommon for them to be auctioned in e-commerce platform.

Logan already knows that he may have been cheated on, so he posted on his social networks that he would find out.

“I will fly to Chicago to check out the case with BBCE, the company that has confirmed it,” he said.

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