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Mary of Denmark, Princess is the super star of her return to Australia

For the Christmas holidays, Crown Princess Mary has sailed from Denmark to Australia, her home country. Between Sydney and Tasmania, daughter-in-law Margaret II enjoyed her return to her land, in the company of her husband, Crown Prince Frederick, and their four children, five years after their last family trip to the island. .

On the streets of Bondi, she is far from unnoticed. Dressed in an orange shirt and black pants, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is enjoying this beautiful sunny day. Leaving Copenhagen on December 9, 2022 with her two daughters and youngest, daughter-in-law Margrethe II is delighted to find her husband, Crown Prince Frederick, and their eldest son, Prince Christian. They stayed in Denmark a little longer than the rest of the family, and flew away only on December 17, to Australia.

Shopping, jogging and swimming with the family

holidays in Down The couple and their four children, Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, can finally be reunited now. This is their first stay for all six of them on the island-continent since 2017. Hence, shopping and family lunch are on the programme, on 19 December 2022, at Bondi, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Mary’s former bridesmaid, Amber Beatty is also chaperoning them, according to a report daily Mail. The young woman was seen alongside the Crown Prince during her surprise stay in Australia last March.

If these holidays rhyme with separation, away from formal obligations, it is not easy for the wife of Frederick of Denmark. A great athlete, Mary puts on her sneakers for a morning jog in Sydney, taking the Crown Prince and their son, Vincent, with her. On December 21, she was surprised, alone, shopping in Palm Beach, about forty kilometers from downtown Sydney. the Daily Mail Australia He does not lose a crumb from the actions of his princess, with a fate worthy of a fairy tale, leaving him little privacy, and lamenting to the Danish journalist Jacob Heinel Jensen in the magazine columns. BT.

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Between the crystal clear waters and the heat of the Australian summer, Margaret II’s daughter-in-law can’t resist the call of swimming for long. Accompanied by her relatives and friends, Mary enjoys every moment of her return home. She smiles, and she is the accomplice of her two daughters, Isabella and Josephine, and she is happy to live these moments of happiness with them. “We look forward to returning to Australia and celebrating with my family. It’s been so many years,” she said, after announcing the Danish royal family’s Christmas break.

After several days in Sydney, it was time for the couple and their children to arrive in Hobart, Tasmania, where Mary was born. Her father, John Dalglish Donaldson, is waiting for them to celebrate Christmas together, excited to be reunited with his grandchildren. The opportunity also for Frederick and his family to share one official snapshot of their vacation in Oceania. Merry Christmas from Down Where we celebrate Christmas in Tasmania. “There are no freezing temperatures or leafless trees here, but summer and hot weather,” the couple wrote on the Danish court’s social media.

Christmas 2022 greeting card from Frederick and Mary from Denmark taken in Hobart, Tasmania. © Facebook The Royal House of Denmark

If all six concerts are away from the paparazzi and the press, they will be seen again on December 26 at the MyState Bank Arena in Hobart. Crown Prince Frederick, Crown Princess Mary and their four children Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine attend the basketball match between Tasmanian Jack Jumpers and New Zealand Breakers. With her team sash around her neck and well pinned to the stands, Marie of Denmark “enthusiastically encourages players to score their first point by chanting ‘March, march, march’ with the crowd,” according to the Tasmanian newspaper. Mercury. Her presence brings good luck to the locals since the Jackjumpers win 93 to 82. The princess and her family also leave with jerseys of the winning team, their names flocked to and signed by basketball players.

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In a few days, Marie will leave her native country to return to Denmark where she and Frederick and his children will “spend New Year’s Eve with friends in North Jutland, before traveling to Copenhagen for business and celebrating the New Year in Amalienborg on January 1,” reports Nordic Magazine. She and No. This grand banquet will take place in the palace to mark the couple’s reunion with the King, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie after Christmas at Antipodes.

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