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Max Scherzer’s mega contract changes the Mets story

The 2021 season was followed by epic fire and chaos throughout the season. The following weeks offered a sneak peek into the consequences: The game’s brightest minds rejected proposals to lead the Mets’ baseball operations division. Some of the best free agents are avoiding their best offers to play elsewhere; The angry Mets owner tweeted angrily, while the other executives and agents laughed. By Thanksgiving, the Mets franchise was in shambles.

On Monday morning, the Mets overcome all this confusion in the most effective and efficient way – by throwing them a ridiculous amount of money.

Max Scherzer, the best pitcher available this off-season and arguably the best pitcher of this generation, has agreed to join the Mets in a three-year, $130 million deal, sources told ESPN’s Jeff Passan. It gives it an average annual value of $43.3 million, more than 20% of the previous record set by a decade Gerrit Cole With the New York Yankees. It’s an astonishing number for a man who has just completed his 36-year season and is approaching 3,000 runs in his career. But this is what must be done.

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