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Messi didn’t have a good time and at the end of the match they asked him for the trophy

The Lionel Messi match had its moments, and a tough and annoying rival awaited him, with complex and sticky marks. At the end of the match, a fan and an opponent went to look for him to keep the trophy.

Lionel Messi was active in First time, in a Paris Saint-Germain who went to rest with 0-1 about the end. In the second part came 0-2 very fast and there Messi Stop a little back. Skull A play that ended with an unauthorized goal Kylian Mbappe And he got another perfect free kick, but it wasn’t his day, over the barrier, inches from crossbar And one of the competitors celebrated as if he was a goal.

continued Determination In front of an annoying and uncomfortable opponent who did not give up spaces. They even covered a shooting attempt press it And he always had amazing rivals. Contrary to what happened in his last game league, it wasn’t his turn to go missing 15th accurate, but to Neymar.

Failed Lionel Messi Uneven or flowing, once it JudgeSecurity men went to surround him and admire him Paris Saint-Germain I tried to greet him. The second, the image that is observed Years, a competitor is approaching an order T-shirt. it’s about Nayel Aguerd, Whose Leo He said with a nod that he will give it to him later, already in Changing Rooms.

Lionel Messi They welcomed the members of the opposing delegation and entered the changing room to return to Paris. And now, to think of Selection ArgentinaWhere he spends such a good time. Traveling in your plane with friends like walls And say Maria For the qualifying rounds, the match against Paraguay in Asuncion. Later, already in huge, on Sunday 10 against Uruguay and Thursday 14 Reverse Peru.

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