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Messi is a “tourist” in Paris

while Messi walks Paris And visit the most emblematic places like Eiffel tower or the Arc de Triomphe Accompanied by his family, the environment in Paris Saint-Germain demands his presence, and above all his greatness.

There is a perception that the Argentine’s first steps in his new club were not completely lucky, then just participate in Three matches (a complete one), since its first recorder has yet to arrive, let alone a version genius who ruled in Barcelona.

The demand for Leo and PSG is the maximum and the footballer should not be surprised at all, he is required to give a massive performance every three days or else he will be condemned without remorse.

It is true that Messi already disagreed with his coach Mauricio Pochettino, who dared to take him out of the match 15 minutes before the end of the match and it was tied; However, with everything and that he is the best player in the world, he could not – or should not – foresee that from the first minute he would break the First Division, the Champions League and the amount of championship his club is involved in.

It is practical, because not only Messi has joined the team, but there are many new faces, and the attack with Neymar and Kylian Mbappe will have to find harmony just like the rest of the lines. It is not a video game in which soccer players are chosen and they all act on the spot by observation.

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And as if that wasn’t enough, a slight knee discomfort has been added that has prevented him from playing the last two games the club has solved with some difficulty, but everything indicates that this Tuesday in the Champions League there will be a resurgence. The number is now “30”.

For now, “tourism” is over for Messi, with Manchester City demanding focus and aggregate demand. It may be soon, but the real test for PSG and the star’s signature has arrived.

Pep Guardiola will challenge a group of today’s world-class soloists in search of harmony.

So, if Messi’s stay in Paris so far has left the perception that he is just another tourist, this Tuesday may start – and should – change: the date at the Parc des Princes against the Premier League champions and certainly the best team in Europe.

Messi is really enjoying it Paris…it’s time for Paris to enjoy Messi.

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