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Mexico national team: Gerardo Martino received the least expected news from FIFA and FMF

Mexico’s Gerardo Martino has been stunned by hard news in the face of the following commitments for the Qatar 2021 qualifiers by FIFA and FMF.

Gerardo Martino has received harsh news from FIFA and FMF in the Mexican national team after they put the latest action from Qatar 2021 matches under evaluation with forbidden chanting.

Aztec fans do not seem to get the message of the international regulatory entity after Gianni Infantino’s visit to Mexico where he made clear his rejection of the anti-gay chant that continues to cause problems for regulators.

This time, after the matches against Canada and Honduras in the Qatar 2021 qualifiers, FIFA decided to impose its heavy hand to reassert its authority in the face of this fact that continues to recur and ends up with a new penalty.

in the last hours, stammer It was reported that the next two matches in Mexico will be behind closed doors, and a fine of one hundred thousand Swiss francs will be imposed on the coffers of the international entity.

In this way, both Infantino and the Mexican Football Federation hope that the upcoming commitments will be a form of awareness so that it will not be repeated in the coming months.

For his part, the Mexican team will face Canada and the United States as a visitor to the Qatar 2021 qualifiers, waiting to stay at the top of the eight-sided tournament and get a ticket for the 2022 World Cup.

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