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Miguel Romero tells that they will reinstall the statue of Juan Ponce de Leon in Old San Juan

San Juan Municipal employees will this afternoon install the statue of Juan Ponce de Leon that was demolished at dawn on Monday in San Jose Square in Old San Juan.

The events were recorded within hours of the arrival of the King of Spain to Puerto Rico this afternoon, Philip VIAnd On the occasion of the fifth centenary of the founding of the city of San Juan.

“I hope the statue comes back before the day is over or early tonight.”The Mayor of San Juan said, Michael Romero.

make it clear “The statue was not broken. What was broken was the base.

“When the statue falls, it breaks (into two halves), because what the legs are are included in the rest of the statue, but it’s a matter of putting it back together and putting it back together. No major damage,” he added.

“The estimate is that it (to be reinstalled) during the day”, Provided the municipal executive, which assured that “we will provide it on the visit of the king.”

The statue is made of materials from English cannons who tried to invade Puerto Rico and was later placed in Plaza San Jose in the 19th century.

Romero said he had heard that a group of people had claimed responsibility for the events in protest of the visit of the King of Spain, though he claimed he had no details.

As for what happened, the mayor of the capital classified what happened as an “act of sabotage.”

“Opinions are respected and protected. We can disagree. There is no place for crimes to be committed and there is no place for public property to be destroyed,” he said.

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