Morocco accused of being behind European Parliament resolution detaining journalists in Algeria

Luckily being ridiculous won’t kill you! Faced with a European Parliament resolution against Algeria, Algiers again accused Morocco and “its lobbies in Europe” of being behind the resolution.

On May 11, 2023, the European Parliament almost unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the violation of human rights, freedom of the press and the detention of journalists in Algeria. The Algerian power was very upset against their MEP “friends”, but as usual, unable to attack the European institution, it persisted, as usual, against Morocco. Through the Algerian Press Agency (APS), the Algerian establishment accused Morocco and “its lobbies in Europe” of being behind the decision.

“Is this Parliament, pale at the thought of presenting a resolution condemning human rights violations in Morocco only once in 25 years, forced to attack Algeria today? EP? We must remind you that the European Parliament has buried a draft resolution on the situation of journalists in Morocco, especially Omar Radi, maliciously triggered a remote procedural defect,” the APS dispatch read. “This resolution of the European Parliament against Algeria does not confirm the position of this institution, which is struggling to escape the fallout of the “Marrogate” scandal, instead of satisfying the vexation of its defenders. ‘First worry about the suffering of the oppressed and martyred people,'” he continues.

Nuisance Nuisances
For the tenants of El Mouradiya Palace, pointing the finger at Morocco has become a habit, even an obsession, for their failures and the appearance of a systematic policy of repression. In February 2023, after the adversary Amina Bouroui was deported to France, ABS “some officials at the level of the DGSE, the Quai d’Orsay and some Franco-Algerian advisers did not hide their love and their adoration for Maxon”, the conspirators of the operation. In December 2021, the World Bank on poverty in Algeria When publishing the report, APS said the financial institution failed to mention “the real statistics of poverty in Morocco.” The same script was used in August 2021 when a fire broke out in the forests of Kabylia.

Elevation is the double standards approach and editorial strategy of Agence France Presse (AFP) that keeps the Algerian regime in line with the mindset of the tenants of the Elysée and their ultimate interests with the military government. Despite the resolution condemning without appeal the violation of human rights and freedom of the press by the Algerian regime in this country, the official establishment, as far as possible, is against Algiers, its relentless attacks and its analysis. The European Parliament’s inappropriate resolution on Morocco.

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