Muslim women teachers are empowered to observe their veiled profession – Oumma

Europe’s German locomotive isn’t the hair-raising TGV that made France green with envy, as it continues to lead the race in terms of religious tolerance.

On these tracks, we can be sure of one thing: Voltaire’s country, fiercely opposed to veiling, will never catch a moving train… it won’t even try.

Wednesday, March 29, as reported Middle East Monitor, the Land of Berlin has made a significant and commendable legislative change, taking a new path and harmonious coexistence in the school. A new way forward allows veiled Muslim teachers to practice their profession with their heads covered.

Since 2005, the Berlin authorities have never flouted the law on neutrality in the temples of knowledge. This era is now over because they have completely deviated from their path and are treated as prejudiced and cruel by the German courts.

In fact, in recent years, several court decisions have rejected public bans on the headscarf, arguing that it is not only discriminatory but also violates constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom.

The Senate’s Department of Education, Youth and Families has ordered school principals to comply with the new regulations in place, which will allow the German engine to continue its course on the good path of living together.

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