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Naval Group results are up in 2022…thanks to Australia

Like all arms groups, the Naval Group also had a good year in 2022. The Naval Group had a turnover of €4.35 billion (of which 36.9% is international). by 7.4% compared to 2021 (4.1 billion). order quantity is 5.8 billion euros (against 3 billion euros in 2021). In particular, the group signed a contract worth 2.4 billion euros in Greece in March for the supply of three foreign direct investments (defensive and intervention frigate). This allows Naval Group to win the Book to invoice (ratio of orders to sales) 1.3. end 2022, the order book stood to 15.3 billion euros (compared to 14.1 billion at the end of 2021). According to Naval Group, flow forecasts Why card It is distributed as follows: 25.8% in 2023, 23.6% in 2024, 21.1% in 2025, 17.3% in 2026 and 12.2% thereafter.

In addition, Naval Group has greatly improved its profitability. True, it helped quite well to compensate for the 555 million euros that Australia paid after the end of the submarine program. Hence, operating income before amortization of the differences currency devaluation rose to 419.2 million euros (compared to 271.4 million euros in 2021). That is 9.6% of the number Business (6.7% in 2021) in 2021. Net result 339.3 million euros (196.9 million euros in 2021). Finally, Naval Group at the end of 2022 AD cash from 1.62 billion euros (1.49 billion end 2021).

The end of the Australian adventure

On June 7, 2022, Australia, Naval Group and Naval Group Australia A settlement agreement signed a final end to ASF program, future Australian submarines delivered by the French (hull) and the American Lockheed Martin (combat systems). So, it’s over 2022, all contractual obligations under “Plan to move abroad” And general agreement has He was honored. Finally, Australia officially confirmed with a message in date of November 29, 2022 that Naval Group has fulfilled obligations under « Plan to move abroad ».

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As a result, the Naval Group Australia subsidiary has been suspended. Personnel repositioning process Naval group affected by the shutdown of the program is over and The AFS entity that was formed under the submarine program closed its doors on 1He is January 2023 at The group’s new organization framework. These decisions follow termination on September 16, 2021 for convenience strategy Partnership Agreement (PASA) by Australia.