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New floods threaten the east of the country

For the third year in a row, flood-stricken eastern Australia is at risk New severe weather conditions in the coming months. The forecasting institutes confirmed on Tuesday that La Nina will happen again.

The National Bureau of Meteorology said La Nina, a weather-causing phenomenon Heavy rains on the east coast Densely populated Australia, it is likely to peak in the spring and above-average precipitation will continue throughout the Southern Hemisphere summer.

The little girlIt is a climate phenomenon that arises from a thermal anomaly in the tropical surface waters of the Pacific Ocean. It usually occurs every two to seven years and has a significant impact on weather patterns around the world.

Triple Nina

Triple Nina — in which the phenomenon spans three consecutive Northern Hemisphere winters or three consecutive Southern Hemisphere summers — has occurred only three times since the Met Office began collecting data in 1900, most recently in 1998-2001.

East of the country is still recovering from Severe storms and floodsAt the beginning of the year due to the previous episode. Hundreds of thousands of people had to be evacuated from their homes during Sydney’s wettest summer in 30 years. Meteorologist Ben Domencino described the torrential rain to AFP as an “atmospheric river”.

Possible flood

Carlene York, from the New South Wales State Emergency Service, said on Tuesday there was a “very real possibility of flooding” given rivers were still swollen and levees full. “If you live in a flood zone, I urge you to take steps to prepare now,” she said. NSW Emergency Services had already said at the end of June that they had never been as busy as last year until 30 June.

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Scientists warn that Australia is on the front line of facing the consequences of climate change, with floods, bushfires, cyclones and droughts becoming more frequent and severe as the planet warms.

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