NFL Draft | Quebecer Mathieu Bergeron was selected 38th overall by the Falcons

Matthew Bergeron didn’t have to wait long Friday night to hear his name called in the second round of the NFL Draft. Quebecer is now a member of the Atlanta Falcons.

The 23-year-old offensive lineman was surrounded by loved ones in a room at a golf club in Victoria when he got the call he’d been waiting for. He spoke with the team’s owner, general manager, head coach and offensive line coach. “I was saying ‘thank you’ over and over, I didn’t ask much, I was very happy,” she told the media after her selection.

The Falcons made deals to secure Bergeron’s services. At first glance they caught 44e selection. They traded that pick and a fourth-round pick to the Indianapolis Colts, however, to draft the offensive lineman at 38.e Ranked, the seventh pick of the second round. “When I saw Atlanta [négocier] “To come forward, I was very happy,” he admitted.

Guests chanted his first name in their hearts after the official announcement of his selection on NFL Network.

In recent weeks, Bergeron has visited the presidents of seven NFL organizations across the United States, in addition to participating in approximately fifteen interviews via the platform. Zoom in.

According to observers, Quebecer was expected to be selected in the third round. So the Falcons had to admire the qualities of the former Syracuse Orange to select him so early.

“We had the best meetings of my career after the season. I stayed in touch with them during the Senior Bowl, at the NFL evaluation camp, they took time to meet with me, they came to my demo day, we had dinner, I talked to the offensive line coach, and we had a great time. »

I knew Atlanta was a possibility.

Matthew Bergeron

In the American college rankings, the 6-foot-5-inch and 318-pound colossus stood out because of his versatility, as he could also play as a blocker. He can play at the end or in the middle of the offensive line. Bergeron excels especially in the ground game. Bijaon Robinson, the top running back of the Falcons’ vintage and first-round pick back in the day, will no doubt be delighted to add Quebecer. He “thinks he can bring the physical aspect. I move well, he said, and they run a lot.

A great day for Quebec

Bergeron made history as the second-highest selected Quebec player, after Shimanga Byagabuduka, who was selected eighth overall in 1996.

“If you had told me last year that I was going to finish 38the Choice, I would have laughed in your face! I have done a great thing and I am proud of myself. »

My goal is to inspire young people in Quebec.

Matthew Bergeron

His mother and his three brothers and sisters were apparently present at this unique evening.

This tight-knit family will travel extensively over the next few years. However, she has to solve a small dilemma: “Perhaps the Corolla will take the edge, Bergeron joked. A minivan may have to be bought. With 20 hours on the road in the Corolla, I think we need to make a little change. »

Bergeron is scheduled to report to Falcons rookie camp in early May.

With Matthew Vacchan, Le Nouvelliste

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