Nikos Aliagas Refuses to Return a Scene with Christophe May on 50′ Insight

This Saturday April 1, Christophe May opened up during an interview with Nikos Aliagas inside 50′. Overwhelmed during the interview, the singer asked to repeat the line, which the TF1 presenter refused…

Christophe May wanted to hide his tears in vain. 1 this SaturdayR April, the singer was invited 50′ inside On that day TF1 On the occasion of the release of his sixth album titled Life is funny. “Feel like starting over. It’s the sixth album but it’s a perpetual reboot. I really feel it. A desire to surprise myself again, to surprise people. It’s growing together and not off topic…” said the 47-year-old artist, before being overcome with emotion.

As you know Nikos, I am the son of a craftsman“, continues Christophe May, who is holding back tears.I’ve seen it all my life… it makes me cringe just to say it. All my life, I’ve watched my father work, question himself, care about his customers, and approach this business the same way.“”A craftsman“, Comments Nikos Aligas.”Yes… JI want to do it again and without crying“, the singer then asked. A request the host denied TF1 : “No, within 50′ we don’t redo anything, we keep everything. Because actually it’s not crocodile tears, it’s a tribute.

After regaining his senses, Christophe May recovers: “I am I’m not posing, I’m me, I tell myself through my songs. I know you can’t cheat. People are not fooled. When I talk about the fragility of life through these songs, it doesn’t take anything for granted because we know very well that everything can end overnight.“The artist expressed through music Surya Raja He then spoke about his parents’ relationship with his work: “They are not fans, they are very proud. My dad is a music lover so I feel like I am making his dream come true. Besides, I come home and he doesn’t talk to me about music. I am their son, they are interested in my grandsons (Jules and Marcel, editor’s note) and we talk about life.


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