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Official: Oscar Tabarez, sacked as coach of the Uruguayan national team

Oscar Tabarez The National Federation said in a statement on Friday that he has been dismissed as coach of the Uruguayan football team The process ends 15 years and 8 months for the technical director At the head of the national team.

The AUF Executive Committee informs that it has decided to terminate the contract of Mr. Oscar Washington Tabarez And other members of the coaching staff of the first team.”

The decision is known Four losses in a row In the last two dates for the world premiere They made Celeste drop to 7th place from the table.

text file employment confirms that the commissionHe made this difficult decision under the current circumstancesCommitted to the immediate future and achieving the results we all hope for.”

the end of the era

The Mr. Tabarez, 74, culminates an intense 15-year career as Artistic Director of Uruguay, cycle it The coach who spent the longest coaching the soccer team made him the same.

What is more, Tabarez It was my first coaching session Celeste between 1988 and 1990. Questions about its current continuity began to emerge in force a month ago, after the October triple date of South American qualifiers head to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The team loses to Argentina 3-0 and Brazil 4-1, distance A 0-0 draw at home with Colombia, they have hit hard among fans and within the selection.

at that moment, The leaders’ discomfort was not so much with the results as it was the lack of attitude of the team And the feeling of unease in the locker room, where the players do not receive strong messages from the coaching staff.

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However, after meeting weeks ago with the technical staff in Celeste Complex, selection training center, The leaders decided to give DT . another chance.

But then this opportunity vanished Defeats against Argentina (1-0) And Bolivia (3-0) on the last date of November, which left Celeste in seventh place in the table.

Tabarez Leaves the choice after a successful operation La Celeste changed the image around the world. Under his baton, the campus regained yesterday’s brilliance, Qualified for three world championships in a row, reached the semi-finals in South Africa 2010 and It was the fifth in Russia 2018. In addition, conquered America’s Cup 2011 in Argentina.

In his statement, the AUF . Committee Expresses “unequivocally” that the decision His dismissal “does not mean ignoring Tabarez’s important contribution to Uruguayan football”.

“We salute and appreciate the fundamental sporting achievements of these 15 years, which once again put Uruguay in the first places in world football.”

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