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Pictures of the meteor that lit up the Australian sky before it crashed this weekend

A meteor lit up parts of the Australian sky on Saturday. The fireball acquired green and then yellow colors, which is a chemical phenomenon.

Residents of North Queensland, Australia, witnessed an unexpected scene on Saturday. What appears to be a meteor lights up the sky in green and then yellow colors, before the rock shatters at the origin of the event.

term meteorite mean in particular the light trail What could leave the arrival of a Metroid too young to survive traversing Earth’s atmosphere and burning up.

Maybe there is no crater

Richard D. Gregg, professor of astrophysics at Macquarie University, told L.L.C The Canberra Times that “the color of the fireball is related to alchemy”.

“In this case, I would say the green color you’re seeing is associated with nickel burning in the atmosphere, but it’s also possible to relate to copper and iron because they also burn green,” he said.

Astrophysicist Brad Tucker has estimated near this object, which is relatively small, that it most likely left no crater on Earth. guardianbecause rocks may break up greatly before they reach the surface.

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