Planned for March, Negev forum may take place in Morocco in June (News)

Flags of countries participating in the Negev Summit at Sde Boker in the Israeli desert on March 27. Credit: Reuters

We learn from Israeli media sources that the Negev Forum, which was supposed to take place in Morocco in March, was postponed due to tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, and could be held next June. Haaretz.

According to the same source, the event will take place in Morocco, as initially planned for this second edition of the forum of the quintet, which is joined by Israel, consisting of Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain and the United States.

Citing Israeli officials, Haaretz It mentions that June 25 has been fixed. And according to Israeli media, the event was postponed in March due to Israeli-Palestinian tensions and disagreements between Washington and Rabat. As suggested by Nasser Bourita during the first edition of the Negev Forum, the Moroccans wanted the diplomatic leaders to meet in the territory of Western Sahara, i.e. in Dakla.

A proposal that would not have gone down well with the Biden administration, as it opposed the venue.

As a reminder, as various media sources have reported in recent days, participating Arab countries have asked Israel and the United States to consider renaming the event so that it is no longer associated with the state.

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