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Puebla vs Club Leon Leguela screaming Mexico A21

Puebla. – See you here! With a score of 2-1, Puebla win in Lion In the first leg of the Grita México A21 quarter-finals.

On the grounds of Cuauhtemoc, Lyon took the lead in the 28th minute, when he was in a corner kick, sixty Bareiro He took advantage of the rebound and finished the match to make the score 1-0.

One minute later, Puebla tied the score when lucas jack The service was sent to the area and after the refusal from Tesillo, Israel Reyes He controlled the ball and after the departure of Rodolfo Cotta, he led the serve and Back Pablo Para To make it 1-1.

In the first half, both Puebla and Lyon managed to score the second goal. at 36′, maxi arugu He had the chance to score 2-1 for “La Franja” but Rodolfo Cotta avoided the goal in time. at 42′, Andres Mosquera He didn’t know how to end in front of a tire Anthony SilvaMissing the opportunity to score the second goal for Lyon.

In the second half, at the 79th minute, Maximiliano i want Face sixty Bareiro And with a cross shot, he hit Rodolfo Cota to score the second goal for Puebla.

With the score against Lyon, he must win by any result at the Lyon stadium Next Sunday, November 28, in a game starting at 8:00 p.m. If they draw or lose, La Fiera is eliminated from the league.


See you here! Game ends

The game ends. Lyon loses 2-1 against Puebla.


Puebla goal!

Minute 79′.- Maximiliano “Papo” Araujo still Stephen Barrero And with a cross shot, he defeated Rodolfo Cotta to score 2-1 for Puebla.


Leon changes

73rd minute – Lyon makes two changes. Omar leaves Alpatron Fernandez, Fernando Navarro Enter Victor Davila leaves and enters Emmanuel “Puma” Gigliotti.


The second half begins

The second half begins at Cuauhtemoc. Puebla 1 – 1 Lyon


The first half ends

Lyon tied with one goal against Puebla in the first 45 minutes


quota! But Andres Mosquera got second


The goals reached the league!


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