Ream has invented a new generation of heat pump that promises extremely high efficiency

Heat pumps (or heat pumps) have grown in popularity in recent years. In fact, these devices work much like a refrigerator, extracting heat from a source such as ambient air before transferring it to where it is needed. Founded in 1925 and one of the major players in this field is American company Ream Released a product Specifically Designed for residential applications in cold environments.

High thermal efficiency factor

According to the company, Endeavor Prestige Series managed to impress US Department of Energy (DOE) had organized a competition – the Cold Weather Heat Pump Challenge. The latter is to encourage manufacturers to find more efficient heat pumps for colder climates. Ream’s new heat pump delivers Uninterrupted heating at −30.5°C ambient temperature. It has a thermal performance factor (HSPF2) of up to 8.5, while its coefficient of performance (COP) is between 1.5 and 2.0 at −8°C.

High thermal efficiency factor. A chart is not a contract. Credit: Shutterstock

Returns exceed expectations

It should be noted that the HSPF2 index is a new American standard that requires all split system heat pumps to have an HSPF2 of 7.5 or higher, and all bundled heat pumps to have an HSPF2 greater than or equal to 6.7. In tests overseen by the United States Department of Energy, the device achieved a COP 5% higher than the company’s expectations. This performance was achieved in an environment Temperature levels are -15 degrees Celsius. As if that wasn’t enough, the Endeavor Prestige Series performed at HSPF9 2% higher than the value claimed by the challenge.

Endless endeavors

This new series of heat pumps from Rheem have heat capacities between 7.03 kW and 17.58 kW. The larger model measures 1300mm x 918mm x 918mm x 918mm, while the smaller model measures 1147mm x 918mm x 918mm. “Ream is committed to making a difference in the products we make, and our sustainability efforts know no bounds”said Jeff Goss, product manager at Ream. You must know that Their new heat pumps use R-410a as refrigerant. More info

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