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Rudy and Burns Brave Sentence in J1

Milwaukee – Rudy Telles kicked a foul shot off Charlie Morton, leveling the score at zero. Then he looked into the cave, took a deep breath, and tried his luck with the next pitch.

And do what brewers need.

Telles spoiled Morton’s gem throw by hitting Homer’s two in the seventh inning, and the Milwaukee beat the Atlanta Braves 2-1 Friday night at the start of the NL League series.

“I’m still holding my breath. It was a crazy moment,” said Telles, who also helped me with a shot that removed a man from the house board.

Corbin Burnes, Adrian Houser and Josh Hader combined for four hitters giving Milwaukee an early lead in the series for up to five games. Game two is scheduled for Saturday in Milwaukee.

Orlando Arcaia of Venezuela, the former Milwaukee player, hit the scorer to second base with sprinters in the corners to finish the game. That ground shot came after Omar Narváez, also a Venezuelan, caught a throwback by Hader with a roughly 1-2 count on the ground, to prevent Freddy Freeman from advancing from third base.

Narváez had teamed up with first base player Tellez to play the crucial double in the first half.

Neither club produced much of a stick until the seventh inning, when the Brewers woke up.

Morton (0-1) hit Garcia with 1-2 at the start of the inning. Then, Téllez found a bid with the same account and sent the ball over the wall in the middle of the field, to break the 0-0 tie.

Tellez was 1 for 13 against the Braves this season until hitting his 411-foot club, which came after he hit a foul.

“I don’t know if I broke the bat,” he said. “I saw something flying off the bat and thought, ‘Now I’m going to need all the help possible. I took a step back and the boy didn’t even notice the bat. Square and said, “I have to plant my foot, watch the shot and hit him really hard. That was all I wanted to do.”

The bearded batsman came off the handicap Saturday after missing about three weeks due to a strain on his right knee.

Joc Pederson hit a disc by Houser’s Homer (1-0), with two wins for eighth, to round out the Braves.

Morton Stadium in front of Telles was the 85th and last. It was one of the few mistakes he made all day.

Hit nine, walked and hit hit to continue a string of great post-season performances.

Burns looked absolutely sharp on his first start after the season ended.

Burns, a Cy Young Cup candidate, opened the game with two straight runs and threw 40 throws in the first and second innings, but then settled down.

The right hand hit six, allowed two hits and walked three times in six rounds, during which he threw 91.

For the brave, Cuban Jorge Soler 3-0. Puerto Rico Eddie Rosario 3-1. Venezuela’s Arcia 1-0.

For beer, Willie Adams 4-1. Venezuela’s Garcia 3-0 with a goal, Eduardo Escobar 3-1, Narváez 3-1.

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