Scary: New species of white-eye shark discovered in the deep

Off the coast of northwestern Australia, a new species of ghost or ghost cat shark has amazing physical characteristics that rank it among the world’s scariest animals.

Australian scientists have announced the discovery of a new species of shark in the deep waters off northwestern Australia. relayed as The New York TimesThis shark is described in the review Journal of Fish Biology calls himself Apristurus ovicorrugatus, a ghost or ghost catshark is distinguished from its fellows, especially by the dazzling whiteness of its eyes, which gives it a precarious appearance. The discovery dates back several decades, when researchers were surprised to find a unique egg pattern that had not yet been identified by science.

A deep sea shark unlike any other

This is by analyzing the pregnant woman’s body through unlisted archives.Australian National Fish CollectionThere are more than 161,000 fish specimens Apristurus ovicurrugatusNote the eggs with Elongated T-shaped ridges on the dorsal and ventral surfaces, a feature not previously seen in sharks of the genus ApristarusIt has about forty species listed to date.

Attaches to coral and lays eggs

“This species is very unique and intelligent because it can attach itself to the coral and lay its eggs, which prevents it from being carried away by the currents,” describe the researchers in the study.What came first, the shark or the egg?As for the animal’s white irises, Helen O’Neill, a research technician and one of the authors of the paper, says it can help them find their way in the dark. Direct scienceHis fellow ichthyologist Will White explains that this is not a feature common to other deep-sea creatures, and the journal shares that “only Apristurus nagai from New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea share this character.” Geo.

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