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Sergio Guerre insists Yalitza Aparicio shouldn’t have been nominated for an Oscar | Famous

Sergio Guerre keep it Yalitza Aparicio It shouldn’t be Oscar nominee In 2019, the Mexican woman competed in the Best Actress category for her work in the movie “Roma”.

The controversy between Sergio Guerre and Yalitza Aparicio

“Let them come Indian girl nomination That says “Yes sir, no sir,” and they shortlisted her for Best Actress, from the Oscars? “No man!” said the actor. Then he apologized: “All I want to say is that There was no intention For my part it does not offend anyone. Apologize to Lialitza who deserves it and more.”

Ghoiri has been severely criticized Because of the way he addressed Aparicio, and despite the apology, controversy still haunted him when he did some interviews. This was the case when he spoke to Aurora Valle on Confesiones, which aired in Mexico on Sunday, November 21.

Sergio Guerre confirms that Yalitza Aparicio was not worthy of the nomination

In the interview, the actor of the series as May the Lord forgive you He admitted that he was wrong in the words he used to refer to Yalitza Aparicio: “I used an adjective that I should not have mentioned, I have always recognized and This is why I apologisedHe said on the Mexican talk show.

However, he does not retreat from his opinion on the nomination achieved by the actress: “But in other terms, to my liking, what I think and Why did they do it and why were they nominated?I’m still the same, eh.”

They took him for other things I said ‘What a barbarism! ‘, he claimed, ‘But hey, who’s to blame?’ You are famous, because if he said “Benito Perez”, nothing would happen, but how did it happen? Got it, hit the black guy.”

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I insist that “the adjective” I use ‘misused’ He justified it, according to him, “that’s how common people talk”: “When you are with your friends (saying) ‘silly fat boy’ or ‘silly bald man’, that’s how we all talk and I have never wanted to offend anyone.”

Sergio Guerre admits he was asked to continue criticizing Yalitza Aparicio

The 63-year-old actor shared with Aurora Valle that after the controversy that arose with Yalitza Aparicio, there were those who asked the artist to continue criticizing the Mexican. He did not specify who.

“They told me hey, this is the place Hold on and suck on it more(And I said) “No name!” “I would never use that,” he said, “is it negative to use it in my career?” not at all”.

Sergio Guerre was not the only one who made controversial comments about Yalitza Aparicio’s performance and attributes. Laura Zapata said the Oaxacan woman enjoyed “Ugly luck” After achieving his candidacy.

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