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Sheriff of Tiraspol vs. Real Madrid – Game Report – November 24, 2021

(EFE). – Real Madrid qualified with authority for the knockout stages of the Champions League by defeating Sharif (0-3) in a match that was decided in the last quarter of an hour of the first half with goals by Alaba and Kroos, who overcame a few resistance from the local team

It was a new party by the three tenors – Kroos, Modric and housemeroAmong them was the lead of the German midfielder, who scored a Cartesian goal, and the second, the base and the bevel.

This team is not the same as the one that fell in Madrid against the Moldova team. It’s a well-oiled instrument and no one is out of tune in it. The defense is stabilized, the midfield is an orchestra and the striker easily sees the goal.

With Inter defeating Shakhtar in Milan, the fate of Group D will be decided in the final round at the Santiago Bernabeu. Madrid, with 12 points, takes two points from the Italians, so a tie deserves to be the first in the group.

There were no surprises at first. Ancelotti had Militao again as Alaba’s partner and compatriot Rodrigo Replace the toned asensio. on the building, Bruno He was chosen to accompany Traore at the edge of the attack.

Sharif came out boldly by pressing the exit of the Madrid ball. As the minutes passed, the white team took the lead and started creating danger.

A good shot from Rodrygo was turned away in the last minute by the home team’s defence. Two minutes later, Kroos put Athanasiades to the test, who faced difficulties, refusing to take Benzema’s opportunity to score a clear offside.

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Carvajal, who found it difficult to stop Cristiano, was able to tap the band and send a low center that calmly finished Rodrygo.

Within twenty minutes the cards were exposed. Madrid’s defense was at the core and the eleven local players were locked into their field. The goal was a matter of time.

Half an hour later, the fault at the edge of the area was the opportunity the Whites had been waiting for. As expected, Alaba was responsible for launching the direct free kick. His shot hit the barrier and misled the local goalkeeper (min 30).

The only mole in the first half is that the most anticipated footballer at the moment, Vinicius Jr, he got in a bit, and when it happened, he stubbornly mistook Benzema.

Carvajal scored the second goal in his shoe, but his clean shot in the area went just over the bar.

At the edge of the break, Kroos finished the plot with a gorgeous white blend. He received the ball at the edge of the area, released it first with the marker in his shoe and the ball after hitting the crossbar passed over the goal line. The referee did not hesitate and pointed to the middle of the field (min. 45).

Impossible best. At that time, after Inter’s victory over Shakhtar, Real Madrid were in the lead and Al Sharif had to play the European League in February.

Madrid was not for jokes. In the second half he went out to kill the match.

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The locals had two ways, but it was Benzema who created the third goal with an accurate shot from outside the area that was out of reach of the local goalkeeper. (minimum 55)

In a quarter of an hour, the three changes introduced by the local technician cheered up the local parish. Dulanto managed to score a goal of honor.

As a precaution, Ancelotti decided to replace Mendy with Marcelo.

Halfway through the second half, Courtois got involved, spending much of the match warming up so he wouldn’t freeze up. First, the Belgian fired a poisoned bullet. Then Thiel’s shot, which scored a superb goal in Madrid, went off the post. Transnistria fans woke up.

But Madrid knew how to stop the match and stifle Sharif’s reaction. Even Asensio was able to score, but Athanasiades hit back with a close shot as the night stopped.

The white team overcame bad breath from playing in Transnistria, a region not recognized by the United Nations, with a performance to the delight of the local fans.

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