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Silvia Pasquale responds to Adela Mija’s comments on Silvia Penal’s health | Famous

Silvia Pasquale responded to Adela Mija’s comments, who said that Silvia Penal “It won’t take long for you to die.”Because she was hospitalized due to COVID-19. The journalist made a public apology and called some members of Benal’s family to clarify the situation.

“She sent me a message telling me that her words had been misinterpreted. Truth I didn’t even know what happenedBecause Adela talked to me, interviewed me, and then texted me saying she was so sorry, and that it had been misinterpreted, My sister Alejandra was very angry with her. I told him, “I really don’t know what you’re talking about,” Paskill told El Universal.

After watching the video of her statements, Sylvia Penal’s eldest daughter informed her of her annoyance: “But they sent me the video and I sent it to him saying, ‘Yes I passed, these comments are not worth it.But he interviewed me.

Malicious comments on social media

“La Pasquel” has faced some insensitive comments about her mother’s health and above all due to the controversy caused by Adela Micha.

The first actress put an end to the “haters” when responding to her messages: “Your comment is so unfortunate. You do the same because you don’t have a mother and you don’t know how to feel,” she told a writing user, “Adela Mija says it doesn’t take long.”

Despite the attacks, Silvia Pascal indicated to El Universal that she only has followers with “good feelings”: “The comments even that are not about me, but in relation to a very unfortunate comment by Adela Mija and there is no shortage at all.” “They take advantage of it so that I don’t have sensitivity or respect for what one experiences when a family member is sick, but I don’t have “haters” on social networks, all my people are great.”

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In a trailer for Adela Told Me, the Mexican journalist commented Silvia Pinal “You won’t die long” And because she was hospitalized due to the Covid virus, the comment was broadcast because her show synchronized online.

Adela Micha instructed her production team to prepare material on “La Diva del Cine Mexicano”: “Do we have something Sylvia Pinal prepared? She’s dying soon,” and added that she gave several interviews: “I think he’s already going to die.”

Minutes later and on the air, the journalist explained that she had requested the material to clarify a possible call with Alejandra Guzmán and explained that her comment was due to the fact that Silvia was “older”, had the virus and had “heart failure”. He also stated that “it was not a lack of tact.”

Adela Micah’s apology

Through her Twitter account, Adela made a public apology: “I very much hope that my dear Sylvia Pinal will recover soon, and I am confident that she will.

Hours later, Adela apologized again with another message: I never meant to hurt anyoneNot to mention the Benal family whom I love and appreciate so much. I sincerely apologize, and I sincerely hope that Sylvia Pinal, with whom I have been in a relationship for many years, is well and recovers soon.”

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