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Storm may hit the East Coast of the United States on Thanksgiving

(CNN) – It’s just over a week away from Thanksgiving, but for some, the holiday trips will begin on Friday. A major storm has the potential to disrupt travel plans from the Midwest to the Northeast during one of the busiest times of the year for travel.

We’re talking about outages in major airline hubs like Chicago and New York early next week.

“Regions above and possibly some areas below could withstand potentially significant downward pressure that could affect parts of the East, and require monitoring given the busy Thanksgiving holiday travel week,” the center said Tuesday morning. weather prediction (WPC).

A storm system could begin to develop in the Midwest on Sunday, and get stronger daily. By the time you approach the East Coast on Tuesday, a secondary system could develop along the coast, exacerbating troublesome weather conditions in places like New York.

“It is too early to resolve the detailed implications of the low pressure that may be near the East Coast by next Tuesday, but significant rain/snow and strong winds may be possible,” says WPC.

“Although we still have about a week to go, and forecasts may change, this feels like a storm of planes, trains and cars,” says CNN meteorologist Chad Myers.

Storm forecast

The only good news: computer prediction models are not always correct. Especially a week ago.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for Sunday night, therefore, the New York National Weather Service He said Tuesday morning, so there is little confidence in the outlook.

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By Tuesday afternoon, the prediction models will be up and running again. The view may be different on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night than this morning.

Its consistency and trends from one model to another will be closely watched by meteorologists. This will boost your confidence in next week’s potential storm.

“Even as the storm subsides on Wednesday, airlines can deal with previous major cancellations of planes and crew members in the wrong place,” Myers says. “This storm comes at a bad time.”

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