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Summary of the match between Chelsea and Manchester City (0-1). Objectives

Mexico City /

The Manchester take revenge on him a little Chelsea This Saturday after Enforced minimum (0-1) Within the framework of the sixth day of Premier LeagueBrazilian result Gabriel Jesus.

and that is blues They have become a stone in a shoe city In recent games, as it can only be remembered recently They won the Champions League finalSo this victory has a nice flavor to him cityEspecially since they snatched the unbeaten in front of the competitors.

In addition, victory was meant Guardiola Cut a streak of two consecutive losses against the German strategist Thomas Tuchel, who appears to have taken the action to the Catalan DT.

However, in a duel she was more than stuck thanks to the iron behind ChelseaAnd Gabriel Jesus appeared at 52 To play solo inside the opponent’s area and Fixing with a half-turn shot To send the ball to the nest at the bottom of the goal.

This was enough for city Victory output and It will currently be in the second position of the table year in Premier League With 13 units, while Chelsea came in third the same number of units.

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