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Summary of the match Italy vs Spain (1-2). Objectives

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“Sooner or later we will lose”, and technician Choose ItalyThat night on the field, San SiroWitnessed the fall after 37 months A streak of 37 games without knowing defeat. His last disaster was recorded on September 10, 2018 before The choice of Portugal.

Spain He was responsible for ending this record winning 2-1The brand led by Luis Enrique Qualified for the UEFA Nations League Final, in addition to revenge for what happened in Euro 2020 semi-finalsThe Italians threw them in a penalty shootout.

Ferran Torres was the star of the night in Milan. The Manchester City striker scored both goals with what red fury took victory, Thus, he reached 12 points in his first 21 matches as a national team.

In the 17th minute, players from Valencia Open the scoreboard with Excellent shot inside the area and at the top of the penalty spot, after an unusual pass placed by the left wing Mikel Oyarzabal. The position was accurate to the arrival of the attacker who stopped Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Until that moment Spain’s choiceAnd things get easier when Leonardo Bonucci has been fired for a double yellow card in the 42nd minute. And to increase the hit that was meant for the captain’s red card, The Spaniards increased the advantage at the time of compensation From the first half, the same thing Torres.

anger He dominated 38 minutes of the second half without much trouble. He had two or three clear passes to increase the difference, but he did not take advantage of it and in a corner kick in his favour, They made a simple omission that cost them who – which Italy Will approach 2-1 with a goal from Lorenzo Pellegrini.

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The Italians pressed the visit, but the time was not enough, and the five minutes that were added were not enough to extend the streak and go to the final, a case in which it was Spain is waiting for its opponent, who will leave tomorrow’s match between France and Belgium.

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