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Summary of the match Queretaro vs Pumas (1-3). Objectives

Based on “Jogo bonito” Pumas Don’t give up driving Closing 2022. Andres Lellini’s team added their second win in the tournament by winning 3-1 to Queretaro in a Corregidora StadiumOn a night when only great goals were scored.

These are from One They already have 6 points, add 9 goals In two meetings, the university team is firm thanks to the good performance of all its sectors.

in a corrector, the Pumas They had to get up from an early goal against them and they’ve done it superbly since the selections Lionel Lopez s Marco Garcia They were real cracks.

also for a Roja From Alan Muzo which were not.

The match started tough and by the fourth minute he had already won white cock, When sepulveda angel His record of popcorn in the center by Leonardo Sequeira to give the locals the favour.

It seemed like the afternoon was going to be complicated for the residents of the capital, but they recovered. Sebastian Sociedo He took a long shot at 12 minutes deviated Washington Aguirre In a corner kick and in the group, Arthur Ortiz He nodded vigorously and then tackled the local guard again.

the Pumas tied at 15′ when Lopez He took the ball and shot from a distance to defeat it Aguirre And put 1-1.

Try the locals and Kevin Escamilla He hit a ball in the 21st minute and it passed very close to the goal Alfredo Talavera.

Then a goal against Gallos Blancos was disallowed, Jonathan dos Santos To continue the intraday draw.

before the break Garcia gave an advantage Pumas. an item One He received, and from afar he tried his luck with a cross shot that he set to make 2-1.

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Diogo Show

Diogo de Oliveira The second half started with a drumbeat and in the 48th minute he scored the third goal Pumas At 48′ in the ‘head’, but in where Canceled because he did it by hand.

53′, Diogo He took the ball and danced on the two elements of white cocks, left it in RuggeroWho sent the shot from the side.

The duel lasted and at 64 minutes, Alan Muzo saw the red line where Unfairly because there is no aggression against Jorge Hernandez.

Looks like this would hit Pumas, but no, since 68′, Ruggero He scored his third goal in the tournament by scoring on his exit change To make it 3-1. was a trace sucido, the Brazilian took the ball and set it.

cocks The last one was at 81′ when Square He shot a volley that took out a defense Pumas, then no longer there and One confirmed his leadership in Closing 2022.

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