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Summary of the match Villarreal vs Manchester United (0-2). Objectives

Cristiano Ronaldo and the Manchester United You will be in the eighth finals of the Champions League, where they sealed the pass with a 2-0 victory in Villarreal From Spain, which are already leaders F . group.

In a close duel, it was precisely the Portuguese who opened the way to victory for the team he was leading temporary form by Michael Carrick, to win a golden victory, after the night began closed.

It was in the second half when a mistake in the beginning changed the outlook on the English thanks to Mr. Champions.

box Unai sandpaper The first half was good, the first 30 minutes were very good Headache For the English who, thanks to the gatekeeper, David de Gea They didn’t get a goal.

Even with this beginning, in La Cerámica, it was Manchester Send the first notice. He was Scott McTominay In the 3rd minute, he found the ball that was left Raoul Albiol, when the defender took it off CristianoHowever, the ball hit the side of the net.

Villarreal It took a minute to respond. He was very gomez, who took the ball in the 4th minute, fired his left hand and came back David de Gea To convert.

The same I The second weave at 8′ in a dangerous position below him did not reach Manu Trigeros Another obvious mean.

The people continued the attack. Yereme Bino At 9′ he had another striker sent the Spanish team the ball from one side.

continued Pau Torres At 12′ when the center Pervis Estupinian, with his head and could not give the ball a good way to send it above the level of the head.

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The yellow submarine He continued the chase and at 27 minutes, Benno fired a shot that left a “photographed” Such as, the ball was left to Trigueros, who finished the match and was stopped by De Gea by extending his left hand to avoid the goal.

The United answered and at 29′, Jadon Sancho He placed a position in the area for Cristiano, although before his arrival Biol It turned into a corner kick.

The animal He had another 30′ in the head shot that saved her Jeronimo Rulli.

In the latter part of the first part there were many blows and crashes, as a result of which the dueling revolts decreased, up to 45 minutes. Arno Danjuma He shot a cut ball, but sent the ball to the side.

Supplementary part is closed until 77, rollers He wanted to go out to play, he left her inside Etienne Capuy, who could not, lost it with him feed it, this surrendered to Ronaldo So he lifted the ball and put it 1-0.

Aim against moved plans Villarreal That at 84′ was not less than a second. Another drawback, is now Juan Foythwho left her with RonaldoBut the Portuguese could not.

At 90 minutes the score was 2-0. Jadon Sancho He scored a great collective movement, touched by several elements of the English team, and in the end he set it with an impossible powerful shot. rollers.

now it Villarreal You have no margin for error if you want to survive.

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