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Surfing – Jon Jon makes his mark on the Great Ocean Road

2022 It’s been a hell of a year for the surfing world. Stephanie Gilmore He won his eighth world title making her the holiest woman in history. The mid-season cut appeared for the first time. Added to this was the notable fact that the Tour season took place in its entirety and without competition cancellations linked to Covid.

Hope to see him again full time this year on tour!

“We’re always trying to improve what we shoot and how we put it together when documenting our travels. We’ve tried to invest a lot in these short film projects down the road and can’t wait to push it. Australia is blessed with a huge variety of landscapes, so it’s easy for us to wake up wanting to shoot every day “. says the surfer.

Great Ocean Roadis one of the longest videos posted on his YouTube channel. It tells of the month he spent in Australia oscillating between wild landscapes, free surfing and competition. We also see Andino rabbitAnd Nathan FlorenceAnd Jack Robinson or Sally Fitzgibbons.

Published ahead of the 2023 Australian tour, the Decree announced the color and could turn yellow very quickly if Hawaii presents itself Rib Curl Pro Bells Peach and the Margaret River Pro. A feat he already achieved in 2019.

>> Produced by Pete Johnson, Spencer Cline, Brandon Wasserman, Eric Knutson

>> Editing by Jared Butler

>> post by Vincent Schwindt

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