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Table of liquidation positions at the end of the date 5

South American Qualifiers Towards World Cup Qatar 2022 This Sunday, October 10, met the fifth appointment that was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. In total They scored nine goals, four local teams won and only one draw was scored.

Despite the draw in Barranquilla, Colombia benefited from the results of the competitors, retaining the fifth square, but were very close to reaching the direct ranking positions.

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With a 0-0 draw between Colombia and Brazil, the Colombian team reached 15 points. The Brazilian national team is the leader with 28.

On the other hand, Argentina consolidated the second place after beating Uruguay 3-0 in the Classic Rio de la Plata. Albiceleste contains 22 units while Sharwa ranked fourth with 16 units.

Venezuela played Colombia by beating Ecuador 2-1 at home. “Vinotinto” remains in last place with seven points, while the Ecuadoreans continue to be third, but with 16 units.

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In La Paz, Bolivia dealt a blow to Peru with a 1-0 victory, and in Santiago, Chile defeated Paraguay 2-0.

Qualifiers table:

1. Brazil – 28 points
2. Argentina – 22 points
3. Ecuador – 16 points
4. Uruguay – 16 points
5. Colombia – 15 points
6. Paraguay – 12 points
7. Peru – 11 points
8. Chile – 10 points
9. Bolivia – 9 points
10. Venezuela – 7 points

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