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The Chamber issues a decision to interrogate the pro-state delegates

The House of Representatives loudly approved a resolution requiring pro-state delegates to appear before the legislature for a hearing.

House Resolution 534 orders that the House meet in full committee to hold a questioning session for delegates, who are paid $90,000 a year, plus $30,000 to reimburse expenses.

“This is a decision that will allow the country to recognize the efforts of these people who were elected in the last election that cost Puerto Rican voters hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it’s time for accountability.” Orlando Aponte Rosario representative who made the decision.

It’s time for the country to find out who they met. “It is time for the country to see what progress they have made, if any, for the one task that has been delegated to them,” said the legislator of the People’s Democratic Party (PPD).

Likewise, Chamber Resolution 535—written by Representatives Edgardo Feliciano Sánchez, Luis Ortiz Lugo, Quibín Maldonado Martez, and Jose Rivera Madeira—ordering the Commission on Federal, International, Central and Veterans Affairs to conduct a “comprehensive study” of the performance of congressional delegates was approved.

The latter also seeks to hold delegates accountable for meetings with federal officials, as well as expenses incurred by the Puerto Rican Federal Administration (PRFAA) in reimbursement for accommodation and travel costs.

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Members of the delegation elected in an election that included a small percentage of the island’s registered voters are former governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares, former mayor of Ponce Maria Melendez, former senator Melinda Romero, former municipal legislator of Guaynabo, and Roberto Lifranc Fortunio. , former Minister of Reform Zuraida Buxo Santiago and Elizabeth Torres Rodriguez.

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Law 167-2020 that led to the delegation’s creation stipulates that each individual must report to Governor Pedro Pierluisi every 90 days, but so far only Torres Rodriguez, Méndez, LeFranc Fortunio and Rossello Nevares have complied.

PNP defends mandate

Both measures were voted against the New Progressive Party (PNP) delegation, after noting that the two resolutions were intended to “discredit” the state and Law 167. Similarly, PNP MPs defended the Congressional delegation’s efforts, asserting that 90 days is a short time to begin investigations into Their work is in Washington, D.C.

I do not question the authority of the legislature to investigate or investigate. What I question is the mechanism being used,” said the Chamber’s PNP spokesman, Carlos Méndez Nunez.

Delegates have been criticized for the salary they are charged, as well as for their performance and the claim for reimbursement of recoverable expenses.

The date on which congressional delegates will be questioned by the representatives has not been set.

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