The Futuroscope will collect the urine of its visitors and create a biocatalyst for agriculture

In partnership with a start-up called Dupi Organics, Futuroscope will collect the urine of its visitors, treat it and turn it into a biostimulant for agriculture.

In Futuroscope, removing your bladder is now useful for farming. The park is involved in recycling visitors’ urine and turning it into a bio-catalyst for agriculture in partnership with a specialized startup.

By 2025, all of Futuroscope’s urinals will collect urine instead of going down the drain. The liquid is then treated and diverted for agricultural use. At the start of the project, the Gironde start-up launched in 2019, Toopi Organics.

“What you have to remember is that urine contains nutrients that are good for plant growth,” explains Alexandra Carpentier, general manager of Doobie Organics. For regional media France Bleu.

If using urine as fertilizer isn’t innovative enough, the start-up allows it to be used as a “culture medium for microbes,” which the company describes as improving plants’ ability to “absorb nutrients naturally present in the environment.”

“This will make it possible to regenerate life in the soil. So with our product, we are halving the contribution of artificial fertilizers. For now, it is mainly for field crops, especially corn “, France Bleu details with Alexandra Carpentier.

Save water

The park, which receives nearly two million visitors each year, has an ambition to reduce the amount of water it uses per visitor by 30% by 2025. Its collaboration with Toopi Organics will allow it to save “more than 2000m³ of water each year”. Details in the press kit Futuroscope.

Among the methods used, Park explains, “recycling the washbasin water will provide toilet flushes.”

Key ingredients

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