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The good idea (or not) of the residents of this Australian city is to fight car theft

Unfortunately, the town of Murumba Downs in Australia is experiencing a significant increase in car thefts. But the residents do not intend to sit idly by letting the thieves act. They had the idea of ​​installing a special alarm to scare away thieves.

Car thefts are not uncommon even less so in this Australian town of Murumba Downs. It turns out that part of the city has become a favorite playground for thieves, who especially disrupt the daily lives of local residents. But it seems that these did not say their last word, quite the contrary: they set up A foolproof way to put an end to all these thefts. Perfect video illustration with this young thief slowly but surely approaching one of the cars parked in a parking lot.

Thinking to act discreetly, the young thief tries to put his hand on the door, and neither one nor two, the alarm starts to sound. A very special warning because it’s just a matterA sound that takes a line from a string a favour dexter crying “Surprise, idiot!”. Too surprising to admit, but the technique seems to have worked since the alleged thief quickly fled, putting an end to his car theft.

An unstoppable technology to end theft?

Despite the many methods of reducing or even stopping car thefts, it is almost impossible to stop dealing with this type of crime, whether in Australia or anywhere else on the seven continents. It remains to be seen if this kind of warning can be effective in ending this nightmare in the Australian city. It should be noted that the country is also known Extremely high rate of theft Engage young people, even in drama.

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