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The look that shows Adamare Lopez to the bone!

surprised! So he is with us Adamari Lopez Every time she shows off a new outfit on her nets and shows off her makeover. It’s the vivid image that “desire is power” and after making fundamental changes in terms of diet and exercise, has been changing during the months of this complex year for her, with her biggest personal change being her breakup. Tony Costa.

Day in and day out, many of his fans go on without taking their eyes off this transformation that offers a lot to talk about and that inspires his followers to make a change in habits. Something always accompanies her ‘satisfaction’ days, as Adamari pampers herself with luxurious beauty treatments.

Today Show off your personal photo with a simple look That driver stays in the bone. Paired with blue jeans and a super skinny white T-shirt with a sexy neckline, Adamari’s character looks light years away from what she looked like a few months ago.

IG Adamari Lopez

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your daughter’s father Alaa He has just returned to Miami after spending a few days with his loved ones in the mother country, where he once again shows his gentle misery and the warmth of his loved ones.

Upon arrival, he admitted from his stories that he longed to meet his daughter “my little princess” again, and today he showed how they together returned to martial arts lessons. The similarity between father and daughter is undeniable, now more since then The Spanish dancer shared a unique video in which his daughter’s face turns into her father’s face Highlight the similarities between them.

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IG Tony Costa

Little by little most of the family holidays of the year are approaching, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Navidad... Will the much-anticipated return of Adamari and Tony happen before the end of the year?

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