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In 2012, NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) bought the rest of Saab to turn it into an electric car company. The company has been working in the shadows for years, and in 2019 presented an electric prototype designed by former Saab company members. The model is called Emily GT.

An interesting story

In 2020, NEVS began documenting the development of the Emily GT with marketing firm Flint, who have now released some product content. As part of the content, there is a video of Kristen von Koenigsegg, CEO and founder of Koenigsegg, testing a prototype of the Emilie GT. NEVS bought a 20% stake in Koenigsegg in 2019, and the two companies plan to form a joint venture whose focus has never been revealed, but is thought to be in the field of electric vehicles.

The vehicle is disclosed during bankruptcy

Emily GT is not for production. It served as a demonstration for in-wheel electric motor technology from Protean, a British company specializing in electric vehicle technology that was acquired by NEVS in 2019. Developed by Peter Dahl who started his career at Saab in 1994 and joined NEVS after Saab. bankrupt. Former Saab designer Simon Badian, who was part of the team that worked on the later Saab 9-5, was also involved in the project, which explains why the Emilie GT, with its box-section body, looks straight out of SAAB’s design. Workshop.

Wheel motors

The Emilie GT is equipped with a 175 kWh lithium-ion battery that can go over 800 km. The four motors housed in the interior wheel well combine to produce 484 horsepower with true torque vectoring, and it looks like a high-performance variant is also in the works. This model produced 653 horsepower and displayed 0-100 km in three seconds. Additionally, each wheel motor can be controlled completely independently, providing far superior control, performance and vehicle dynamics than conventional propulsion systems. Lordstown, a young American company specializing in electric vehicles, uses integrated motors in its Endurance electric van.

Everything stopped in 2021

Development of the Emily GT was halted in 2021 when NEVS’s parent company, the Evergrande Group, ran into financial trouble, mainly related to its real estate business in China. By this time, as funding was drying up, NEVS had already started looking for a buyer. Today, NEVS is closed and looking for buyers for its assets. Emily GT is believed to be among the properties NEVS has put up for sale. An interesting model to have in your portfolio

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