The Tigers and Black Angels ignored the end of the American football season!

The decision follows an incident during the semi-final against the Shotguns. “In the regulations, it is said that the clubs must guarantee the presence of medical personnel and an ambulance. During this match, when one of our players was injured, we appealed to the medical team. That’s when we understood. There was no ambulance, which was very problematic because our player fainted and the ambulance was called. We had to wait for almost 30 minutes to arrive. In the end, our player suffered a major concussion. We decided to stop the match and we went to the group on Monday evening. The league recognized the mistake of the organizing committee and instead of sanctioning it for not respecting one point of the rules, decided to replay this semi-final.”Pascal Ducou explains.

What jumps the leader of the Tigers. “We agreed to participate in a championship reduced to five teams, which really makes no sense, but the league has imposed inconsistent sanctions since the beginning of the tournament. We were allowed to withdraw because international transfers were not in order, and here she is. We decide to replay the game. We disagree, hence our boycott.”

A situation the Brussels Black Angels did not accept, but qualified for the final of the Belgian Cup, they have decided to ignore the end of the season. “What shocks me is that disbursements are imposed for administrative oversight, but a matter as important as players’ safety can be negotiated. We took this decision on our part without consulting the Tigers. It was a strong gesture.”Mentions Hadrian Cotichal, leader of the Black Angels.

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