These two new scientific studies prove the existence of parallel universes

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1st proposes that the universe will be ours. But this universe will be a reflection of antimatter. So it would be an “anti-universe”! This would have existed before the beginning of our universe, i.e. before the Big Bang.

2nd study, with a mathematical theory, a parallel world cannot be completely different from ours.

By this mathematical description, when a change of an element occurs in the universe. The elements in the 2 universes, apparently different, constantly coincide.

The antiuniverse theory was proposed by physicists who wanted to set up a model that explained all observable phenomena without inventing unknown components.

This model can explain the concept of matter, matter, which accounts for countless astrophysical phenomena without its existence yet being proven. Although this is a “mirror” anti-universe, it and our universe are not perfectly symmetrical, which avoids problems with free will.

The mathematical theory that parallels parallel worlds derives from string theory. This theory combines quantum physics and general relativity. The authors of this study are trying to observe whether the behaviors in space A have the same characteristics as in space B. They succeeded in mathematically proving that when an event is transferred from universe A to universe B, there are no significant changes.

A completely asymmetric antimatter universe or a very homogeneous universe with the same properties… Which theory convinces you more?

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