This caravan also acts as a range extender for electric cars

Colorado Teardrops has released two new battery-equipped trailers with many potential uses.

Many buyers interested in electric cars are put off by the range-towing implications. Indeed, we confirm that towing a caravan starves its mount of electrons without emission.

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Road tripping in electric cars with caravans: a hassle, really?

Better performance can be achieved by reducing the towed mass and improving its aerodynamics, the American company Colorado Teardrops, as its name suggests, is famous for its teardrop-shaped caravans. But it also announced the launch of two new models in its range, each equipped with a 19 and 38 kWh battery respectively.

Providing such additional capacity opens up many possibilities: recharging your electric car when lost in the Pampas or providing lighting, a cooler or a barbecue to extend your holiday in nature for a longer period of time.

But the use of his caravans may also continue once he returns home. The Colorado Teardrops claims its trailer with a 38 kWh battery can power the average American home for more than a day in the event of a power outage. Like the Tesla Powerwall, you can charge during peak hours to restore electricity during peak hours or, if your home is equipped with solar panels, store the electricity generated for later use.

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Evidence – theory: “It is possible to go on holiday in a caravan with an electric car! »

Pricing for the two Caravan models is yet to be announced, but the manufacturer has opted for LFP batteries over the lithium-ion batteries found in most cars. According to Colorado Teardrops, in addition to being inexpensive to manufacture, the cell chemistry is safe for this application.

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