This company gives new life to old tires stuck in the sea

Eco Flow’s bricks include a proprietary cement formula made from waste materials such as silica and by-products from iron ore production, in addition to machine-grinded tires.

By combining these ingredients, the cement using Eco Flow is significantly less polluting than standard cement mixes. Even better, when its life cycle ends, the bricks of the Echo Flow can be ground up and recycled again to create something new.

Thanks to the addition of tires, the bricks also have a distinctive feature. They are porous, which means that when water hits them, it flows freely.

This makes Eco Flow bricks an ideal material for building roof structures such as bars or swimming pools. When an outlet is placed under a brick structure, a drain can be run to dry out everything underneath.

If stored, the diverted rainwater can be reused to clean or water plants. Echo Flow’s durable material has already received official certification, meeting 100% Miami-Dade County building standards.

Additionally, bricks made with Echo Flow are certified to strengthen by 30% over time. Traditional concrete bricks weaken as they age due to exposure to the elements.

Now the company’s plan is to remove at least 30,000 tires from the seabed in Florida by 2024.

As many contractors across the state of Florida have agreed to use Echo Flow’s innovative and durable bricks in future projects, they’d better do so.

This material is patented worldwide, which means it will be in demand elsewhere in the future.

While cleaning up the entire ocean floor with spilled tires is a big and difficult task — one that the U.S. military is expected to help — their future use will certainly increase motivation to get the job done.

If construction companies are willing to adopt Echo Flow’s technology, thousands of marine tires will have a second and third life cycle. I think we can all agree that this is much better than sending them to the landfill!

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