Three great games are free to play, but you have to act fast

It’s a ritual now. Three new games can be tested for free on Steam throughout the weekend. The focus is on multiplayer experiences.

It is a refrain that we begin to know by heart. For over a year now, Steam has allowed you to test one or more games for free over a weekend. For a few days, users will be able to find various products without any conditions and without offers. After the excellent Crusader King 3, there are three title games to play this weekend. Here is the program.

Three free-to-play games on Steam this weekend

Free Epic Games Store games, GOG gifts, redeemable titles at no charge for Amazon Prime subscribers… Good deals for PC players are bundled. Steam is getting there with its little effort, with a new program that lets you play one or more games for free every weekend. In other words, all players on the platform can test all free updates, game modes, features and related products for a few days without any conditions. This week, Steam is celebrating multiplayer experiences with a trio of new ones. No need to prolong the suspense, here is the program:

Solasta: The Magister’s Crown

We start with a game that appeals to fans of role-playing games. Magister’s Solasta Crown and a pure turn-based tactical RPG based on Dungeons & Dragons SRD 5.1 rules. Tactical Adventures, which signed this product, had one ambition: to be the most faithful video game adaptation of the popular rules. The race has been very successful, with the title accumulating nearly 150,000 positive comments on Steam, giving it an overall score of 9/10. Spells, multiplayer co-op, initiative rolls, attacks of opportunity, character choices, and levels are all elements that make this adaptation so great. Solasta Crown of the Magister can be tested for free on Steam from May 25-28, 2023.


Another multiplayer experience to try for free and it’s for those who love big fights. Team is a tactical FPS that emphasizes teamwork, communication, and realism. In short, a military simulation combining 100 player battles, combat with combined arms, base construction, 10 divisions and about twenty maps. A game unknown to the general public, but a huge hit among fans of the genre. Rated 9/10 on Steam by players, it has nearly 100,000 highly positive reviews. You can understand the excitement surrounding the team as its testing period is about to begin May 25-29. Small problem, it’s not translated into French.

Project Winter

Last multi game for this new selection. The project caused a bit of a stir when it launched in Winter 2019. Communication and teamwork are essential keywords in this topic along with deception and survival. Gather resources, repair structures, and brave the wilderness together…or betray them. Because this group of 8 survivors has hidden traitors whose mission is to slow down the progress of their comrades at any cost, while they gain strength as the game progresses. Project Winter is also free-to-play on Steam from May 25 to 29, 2023.

If you want to test these three games for free, it’s easy. Go to the respective Steam pages and click on the green box labeled “Game Game” to start the download. As usual, the lucky ones go on sale during the same period to entice those who want to keep them after the trial period.

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