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Three reasons may lead to the failure of Trump’s new social network (opinion)

(CNN) – Donald Trump will finally get into the social media game.

After a series of stumbles, Trump announced Wednesday night Create social truth, an effort, he insisted, to “counter the tyranny of the big tech companies.” The posts will be called TRUTHs and Trump said he was “excited to start sharing my thoughts soon on TRUTH Social and the fight against Big Tech.”

This is a very terrible idea that is almost certain to fail. There are many reasons for that!

1. Twitter oh exists. Do you know the axiom of not having to reinvent the wheel? Well, Twitter really does exist, and it has over 200 million users. There doesn’t seem to be much fanfare in the general population about yet another microblogging site, although Twitter is far from perfect. Also, consider this: Trump sent his first tweet on May 4, 2009. (“Be sure to follow and watch Donald Trump on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ present his top ten list tonight.”) He said). Which means he had 6 years to build his presence on the social media platform before he started using it aggressively to run for president in 2015/2016. It was a well-known producer with a large following. It wasn’t starting from scratch. With TRUTH Social, you’ll do just that.

2. Conservative social space is crowded (not for the better): Remember that Parler was the new Twitter for conservatives? Well, after a very brief spike in downloads in the wake of the January 6 riots at the US Capitol (and Twitter’s decision to ban Trump), the app has basically disappeared in its relevance. “According to Sensor Tower data, Parler’s downloads exceeded 517,000 in December [de 2020] to 11,000 in June [de 2021]”The Verge reported in July. Then there’s Gettr, a Twitter clone launched by Trump partner Jason Miller. Within days of its launch, hackers were able to snatch (and spread) 85,000 email addresses. From its users.” Gettr, the newest pro. Trump’s social network, a disaster indeed. Male TechCrunch.

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Although TRUTH Social has something that neither Parler nor Gettr have: Donald Trump, it still isn’t clear that the conservative social networking world is big enough to support one of these products, let alone 3.

3. Donald Trump is no longer president. Make no mistake: Trump remains the most prominent and influential actor in Republican politics. But since it’s been banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, its ability to live coverage has shrunk dramatically. as pointed out Philip Bombe, Del Diario The Washington Post, in April:

Google search interest [sobre Trump] It’s been lower than at any time since June 2015, as has the amount of time I’ve spent on cable. The networks covered it much less, to the point it reached last year when the pandemic overtook Trump in national attention. Moreover, the average Trump mentions in March are back to levels seen in November 2015.”

His attempt to launch a post-presidential blog with high aspirations ended in June, as it was permanently shut down. What did you say The New York Times on June:

Trump got frustrated after hearing from friends that the site was getting too little traffic and made it look small and irrelevant, according to a person familiar with his thinking.

“The site, which cost a few thousand dollars and was created for Mr Trump by a company run by his former campaign manager Brad Parscale, was intended as an online hub for his supporters to view and connect with the former president’s statements.”

To be clear: Some people will be so consumed with what Trump is doing. But this group is not large enough to launch a successful social network. Not close at all.

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